Vinyl Strip and Seal

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Vinyl Strip and Seal

Has your vinyl lost its shine, showing signs of discolouration, or have a layer of grime that the mop just can’t seem to budge anymore?  A complete vinyl strip and seal is for you.

Your local Adelaide technician will perform a complete strip and seal of your vinyl.  This process will strip the vinyl back to it’s original surface, the soiling and any foreign sealants will be extracted and removed.  A protective sealant will then be applied to give your vinyl an attractive sheen, that will leave it looking spectacular, as well as providing a hard protective layer to make sure the surface is easily maintained and protected.

And just because we care for your vinyl, we’ll give it an additional layer of sealant…….FOR FREE!  That’s right, 2 coats of protectice sealant to give you additional WOW!

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